Konttho Bengali Movie Review : This One’s A Masterpiece!

Star Cast : Shiboprashad Mukherjee,Paoli Dam ,Jaya Ahsan

Director: Shiboprashad Mukherjee & Nandita Roy


Movie Review: Rating:  4/5 Stars (Four stars)


Loo Break: Maybe a single in the first half but that levels with a superb interval point as you won’t go out in the mid-break.

What’s Good: Every frame breathes life, every line said by every character has a meaning to it,it’s a team effort where everyone is at their best

What’s Bad: I am unable to find out flaws with this one!

Watch or Not?: Must Watch

Story :

The film revolves around the life and struggle of a cancer survivor. A radio jockey Arjun (Shiboprosad), well-known and loved by listeners across the city, is a carefree man. His professional life is fulfilling and his family life is sweet. His only vice is smoking. After coughing up blood one night, he and his wife Pritha (Paoli) consult a doctor, who informs them that Arjun has laryngeal cancer and his voice box has to be removed. The news, as can be expected, comes as a bombshell to him. A man who built his life and career around his voice is about to be rendered voiceless.

Star Performance :

The best of Shiboprosad Mukherjee’s career, without any doubt. Mind you, he has some outstanding performances in movies like Accident, Ramdhanu and Haami. But Konttho has risen him up to another level.
Paoli, as the supportive wife who is struggling to come to terms with her husband’s affliction, is impressive too.

Jaya Ahsan once again she proves her worth of being an outstanding actress.The rest of the team plays a very important part and each character does their part well.

Music , Direction :

Shiboprashad And Nandita proves yet again why he deserves the tag of master-storyteller more than anyone in Tollywood.

Anupam Roy,Anidya Chaterjee & Prasen composed music for the film. Konttho has five songs and all of them are stiched well along with the story.

The Last Word :

All said and done, Konttho, more than a film is an orchestral display of emotions. Watch it for everything in it.

Four stars!

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