Hani Bafna and Tumpa Ghosh to Share Screen in Sun Bangla’s Upcoming Serial ‘ Shyama ‘

After the successful run of the popular television serial ‘Sohagjol’, actor Hani Bafna has created a buzz in the industry with news of his potential involvement in a new project. Recent reports reveal that the talented actor has given his consent to appear in the upcoming Sun Bangla serial titled ‘Shyama’. However, contrary to speculations, Hani will not be playing the lead role this time.

The lead female character in ‘Shyama’ will be portrayed by the renowned actress Tumpa Ghosh, who has previously been featured in several hit serials, including ‘Rage Onurage’, ‘Rangiye Dao’, and ‘Trishul’. Interestingly, Tumpa has also shared the small screen with Hani in previous projects, adding to the excitement surrounding their potential on-screen chemistry.

Details regarding the plot and characters have been kept under wraps by the channel and the actors themselves, fueling curiosity among Hani’s fans. They are eager to know if the talented actor will be seen in a different avatar in ‘Shyama’. However, Hani has chosen to remain tight-lipped about the project and dismisses the speculations as mere rumors.

With the premiere of ‘Shyama‘ approaching, audiences eagerly anticipate the unfolding of this intriguing story and the remarkable performances by the cast. Fans must stay patient as they await further updates from the channel or the actors, as the excitement for this new serial continues to grow.


Who are Hani Bafna and Tumpa Ghosh?

Hani Bafna and Tumpa Ghosh are popular actors in Bengali television.

What is the title of the upcoming serial they are starring in?

The serial is titled ‘Shyama’ and will be aired on Sun Bangla.


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