Mirza Movie Review : A Lackluster Tale of Crime and Charisma Fails to Impress

MIRZA Movie Review

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Story: “Mirza” attempts to weave a tale of intrigue and suspense as narcotics control officer Rishi Kaushik pursues the top three drug lords: Sultan, Azhar, and Mirza. However, the film’s narrative quickly unravels into a predictable and outdated plot, filled with clichés borrowed from ’90s Bollywood. The overdose of characters and the convoluted storyline make it difficult for audiences to stay engaged. The lack of coherence between scenes further detracts from the overall viewing experience.

Star Performances: Ankush Hazra as Mirza injects some life into the film with his charismatic portrayal. He effortlessly exudes swag and delivers punchy dialogues, but even his performance fails to salvage the uninspired screenplay. Oindrila’s presence adds a touch of credibility, but the talents of seasoned actors like Koushik Ganguly and Shankar Debnath are woefully underutilized.Rishi Kaushik’s character feels like an afterthought, relegated to the sidelines amidst the chaos of the drug underworld.

Direction: The debutant director struggles to breathe life into the lackluster script. Despite commendable efforts in cinematography and action choreography, the director fails to create compelling dramatic moments that could have elevated the film.

BGM & Music: The background music bombards the audience with its relentless assault, overpowering the on-screen action and leaving little room for subtlety. The forgettable songs fail to leave a lasting impression, adding little value to the overall cinematic experience.


  • Ankush Hazra’s magnetic performance as Mirza
  • Oindrila’s commendable acting
  • Decent cinematography and action choreography


  • Weak writing and predictable plot
  • Overbearing BGM
  • Underutilization of talented actors
  • Lack of coherence between scenes

Verdict: “Mirza” falls short of expectations, delivering a banal and forgettable cinematic experience. Despite its visual appeal and a standout performance by Ankush Hazra, the film’s outdated storyline and lackluster execution make it a tedious watch. Unless you’re a die-hard fan of the cast, it’s best to explore other cinematic offerings for a more satisfying movie experience.

Should You Watch It? Unless you have a strong affinity for the lead actors or a penchant for formulaic thrillers, “Mirza” may not be worth your time and money. Consider exploring alternative films that offer more substance and originality.


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