Shah Rukh Khan Universe Fan Club Calls Out Alleged “Jawan” Reviews as Fake Ahead of Film’s Release

The Shah Rukh Khan Universe Fan Club has taken to Twitter to address widespread speculation about early film screenings and critic reviews of the highly anticipated movie ‘Jawan,’ set to release on September 7th. The fan club’s statement strongly refutes claims of any special screenings and categorically dismisses purported “critic” reviews as fake.

In a tweet posted on their official Twitter account, the Shah Rukh Khan Universe Fan Club urged fans and moviegoers not to be misled by these unverified reviews, emphasizing the importance of forming their own opinions after watching the film.

The tweet reads: “IMPORTANT: Jawan has had NO SPECIAL SCREENING. All the reports of so-called ‘critics’ claiming to have watched the film are FAKE. Please don’t fall for these FAKE REVIEWS. Watch the film for yourself and experience the thrilling ride of #Jawan starting 7th September. #SayNoToFakeReviews.”

The statement from the fan club underscores the significance of supporting the film by experiencing it firsthand rather than relying on potentially misleading reviews.

As the release date for ‘Jawan’ draws near, this development adds to the intrigue surrounding the film and has garnered significant attention on social media platforms. Fans and enthusiasts of Shah Rukh Khan and the film industry, in general, are eagerly anticipating the movie’s release to form their authentic opinions about this highly awaited project.

With this statement, the Shah Rukh Khan Universe Fan Club has sent a clear message to the public: “Say No to Fake Reviews” and encourages viewers to make their judgments about ‘Jawan’ once it hits the theaters on September 7th.


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Written by Souvik Saha

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