“Love Biye Aaj Kaal”: A New Twist on Modern Relationships Set to Grace the Small Screen

Produced by the renowned duo Jissu Sengupta and Nilanjana Sengupta, the series marks the return of the talented actor Om Sahani to the television screen.

Love Biye Aaj Kaal

Star Jalsa’s upcoming series, “Love Biye Aaj Kaal,” is poised to bring a fresh perspective to the small screen with its unique take on contemporary relationships. Backed by the renowned producers Jissu Sengupta and Nilanjana Sengupta, the show marks the return of Om Sahani to television, generating high anticipation among fans.

Teaming up with Om Sahani is the talented Moumita Sarkar, making her debut collaboration on television. The teaser released recently provides a sneak peek into the captivating narrative that awaits the audience.

Om Sahani steps into the role of Om Prakash Ghosh, a wealthy and arrogant bar-owner. As the story unfolds, his character’s evolution promises to be a focal point, challenging initial impressions.

Moumita Sarkar portrays Shrabon, a fresh singer at Om Prakash Ghosh’s bar. Their initial encounter, where Shravan turns down extra payment for his performance, sets the stage for the series. The plot is primed to explore the nuances of their growing connection against the backdrop of changing relationship dynamics.

Set against the shifting norms of modern relationships, “Love Biye Aaj Kaal” promises a narrative that mirrors current societal shifts. The series is expected to offer both entertainment and insight into the evolving nature of love and connections.

As the countdown begins for the series premiere on August 28th at 8:30 PM, viewers anticipate the impact of Om Sahani’s return to the small screen. “Love Biye Aaj Kaal” is undoubtedly set to challenge traditional storytelling, making it a must-watch for those intrigued by the complexities of modern relationships.

Stay updated on all developments by visiting and tune in to Star Jalsa to witness the journey of “Love Biye Aaj Kaal” as it explores the intricacies of love and human connections in today’s world.


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