Sentimentaaal Review : Yash’s Comeback Falls Short in a Formulaic Tale of Action, Romance, and Comedy

Reviewed By : Souvik Saha

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The film’s storyline follows a familiar template, revolving around a conflict in a certain location that requires police intervention. The narrative is predictable and falls into the mainstream gharana style. The change from “Mentaaal” to “Sentimentaaal” suggests a shift in focus, but the overall story remains flat and simple.

Star Performances: Yash, Nussrat Jahan, and Sayantani Ghosh lead the cast. Yash makes a comeback, but his performance lacks a distinct style. The chemistry between Yash and Nussrat in the first half doesn’t resonate with the audience. The film misses the experimentation with looks seen in South Indian films, leading to a lack of impact in character portrayal.

Direction: Baba Yadav directs the film, and while the action scenes in the second half are well-presented, the overall directorial approach follows the mainstream formula without introducing any fresh elements. The lack of innovative stylization in the hero’s character and reliance on conventional techniques reminiscent of Swapan Saha’s era raises questions about the director’s vision.

Others: The technical aspects, including color grading, cinematography, and editing, feel outdated and fail to elevate the film. The entry of the hero, a crucial element in commercial movies, lacks the dynamism needed to create a lasting impact.


  • The second-half tussle between the hero and villain is engaging.
  • Action choreography is well-designed for a mainstream film.
  • Yash’s comeback is a positive aspect for his fans.


  • The first half is weak, relying heavily on the chemistry between the lead actors.
  • Lack of experimentation with looks for the hero and villain.
  • Technical treatment and stylization reminiscent of an outdated era.
  • Comedy elements fall flat, resembling a feeble attempt at recreating the magic of past successful films.
  • The item number lacks attraction, and the background score is cliché.

Watch or Not: For those seeking a typical commercial film with action, drama, and item numbers, “Sentimentaaal” might offer some entertainment. However, the lack of innovation in storytelling and technical aspects might disappoint those looking for a fresh cinematic experience.

In conclusion, “Sentimentaaal” relies on the tried-and-tested formula of mainstream gharana films, with its success hinging on the audience’s preference for conventional storytelling and star performances.


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Written by Souvik Saha

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