“TRP Rankings Unveiled: Jagadhatri Claims Top Spot, Anurager Chhowa and Fulki Compete Closely”

Jagadhatri Leads the Pack, Anurager Chhowa and Fulki Fight for Glory”

Jagadhatri Leads the Pack, Anurager Chhowa and Fulki Fight for Glory"

The TRP landscape has undergone a significant transformation, introducing fresh faces that are captivating audiences across screens. In a parallel narrative, Jagadhatri and Deepa have exhibited unwavering strength in the race for supremacy over the past several months. Fulki, a contender since the campaign’s inception, has added to the excitement, creating an engaging storyline of its own. The culmination of speculation was met with elation as Thursday’s TRP report was unveiled, evoking broad smiles from the Zee Bangla authorities.

‘Jagadhatri’ emerged triumphant, eclipsing Anurag’s touch on the TRP list with an impressive 8.5 rating. Adding to the suspense, Fulki secured an enviable second place with a close rating of 8.4. This triumph prompts the question: What lies ahead for Anurager Chhowa, the erstwhile frontrunner? For devotees of Surya-deepa, apprehension is unnecessary, as their favored show remains steadfast.

However, a significant twist unfolded as Star Jalsar relinquished its prime position, sharing the second spot jointly with Fulki. This development showcases the dynamic nature of the TRP race and the captivating allure of Bengali television dramas.

Here’s a snapshot of the current top ten list:

  1. Jagadhatri (Zee Bangla) – 8.5
  2. Anurager Chhowa (Star Jalsa) / Phulki (Zee Bangla) – 8.4
  3. Ranga Bou (Zee Bangla) – 8.0
  4. Neem Phooler Madhu (Zee Bangla) – 7.5
  5. Sandhatara (Star Jalsa) – 6.5
  6. Kar Kache Koi Moner Katha (Zee Bangla) / Bangla Medium (Star Jalsa) – 6.3
  7. Khelna Bari (Zee Bangla) – 6.0
  8. Horogouri Pice Hotel (Star Jalsa) – 5.8
  9. Tunte (Star Jalsa) / Panchomi (Star Jalsa) – 5.7
  10. Icche Putul (Zee Bangla) – 5.4

This recent TRP report has brought about a fresh wave of excitement and competition in the world of Bengali television shows. The rise of “Jagadhatri” and “Fulki” demonstrates the dynamic nature of audience preferences and the constant evolution of the entertainment industry. As fans eagerly await the next set of ratings, it’s clear that the battle for the top spot is far from over. Stay tuned for more updates on Cine Kolkata, your ultimate source for the latest news and trends in the world of Bengali entertainment.


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