Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole Review

Reviewed By : Souvik Saha

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“Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole” unfolds with author Swapan Kumar’s attempt at a comeback through his latest novel featuring Bengal’s beloved pulp fiction hero, Dipak Chatterjee (played by Abir Chatterjee). Tasked with saving the city from the dangerous Badami Hyena, Dipak initially refuses but is persuaded by Swapan Kumar and his right-hand man Ratanlal. The film intertwines the detective narrative with commentary on Bengal’s current cultural scene.

Star Performances: Abir Chatterjee delivers a captivating performance as the defeated and forgotten Dipak Chatterjee, showcasing self-deprecating humor with confidence. Paran Bandyopadhyay, portraying Swapan Kumar, is outstanding in his role as a resilient best-selling writer. Other cast members, including Shruti Das, Saoli Chatterjee, Loknath Dey, and Gautam Halder, maintain their reputation with commendable performances.

Direction: The director skillfully handles the intricate relationship between the film and its story, blending detective elements with insightful commentary on Bengal’s cultural landscape. Despite a potentially slow start, the film gains momentum in the second half, featuring well-executed plot twists.

Others: The musical score contributes positively to the film’s atmosphere, enhancing the overall viewing experience. The supporting cast’s performances add depth to the storytelling.

Loo Break: Given the engaging second half and the importance of plot twists, it’s advisable to avoid taking a loo break to stay connected with the unfolding events.


  • Abir Chatterjee’s captivating portrayal of Dipak Chatterjee.
  • Paran Bandyopadhyay’s outstanding performance as Swapan Kumar.
  • Skillful direction that blends detective elements with cultural commentary.
  • Well-executed plot twists in the second half.
  • Commendable musical score and supporting cast performances.


  • Some viewers might find the initial pace slow.
  • The film’s self-deprecating humor may be a departure from traditional sub-continent cinema.

Watch or Not: “Shri Swapankumarer Badami Hyenar Kobole” is recommended for fans of detective genres and those interested in films that offer a blend of engaging storytelling and cultural commentary. Despite a potential slow start, the second half and stellar performances make it a worthwhile cinematic experience.


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