Priya cinema will be reopened with the New look

Priya Cinema opens its doors to the City of Joy today.The connoisseurs of cinema have watched and applauded the masters of the cinema world there more than 50 years.
A little setback six months ago,when a fire broke out,gave the owners of this entertainment landmark a breather.An opportunity to think afresh about this grand old lady of cinema screening.
And how they did!The fire safety systems were upgraded.The sound systemand acoustics are now state-of-the-art.Sitting at Priya and watching a movie will now be a whole new experience.You just push back or stretch out in the new recliner seats.You’ll be surprised at how much leg space the normal push-back seats at Priya will now offer you.
The ticket prices remain at the those wonderfully affordable rates.So that you enjoy a plush, contemporary movie-viewing experience at the prices of the single screen.While the AC chills you,you can step out for those old Priya favourites during the interval.
The famed Priya popcorn and chicken patties are t to delight you.It’s a Priya reborn.It’s like she’s transformed from the Grand Old Lady to Princess Charming.It’s like she’s lost the years,but not not the expertise and grandiose.
The new interiors are a proof of the owners’ commitment to give the cinema viewers a grand new experience.
As Esha Dutta, Director Priya “I’m glad we got the opportunity to revamp and improve Priya.It gives us immense pleasure to welcome back the viewers to the latest Tollywood and Bollywood blockbusters.”
Well, it’s just like the fairy tales of yore,where the comeback is always stronger than the setback.

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