Bijoya Movie Review

Reviewed By : Souvik Saha

‘Bijoya’ is the sequel to Kaushik Ganguly National award-winning film ‘Bishorjon’. Padma is now married to Ganesh Mondal. An emergency situation brings Padma and Ganesh Mondal to Kolkata where she meets Nasir Ali once again. What will she do now? How does her husband, Ganesh Mondal deal with this?

What’s Good: Everything coming out of Ganesh Mondal’s mouth is hilarious ,music

What’s Bad: Few Scene of  second half


Watch or Not?: Totally worth watching only if you keep your expectations limited

Bijoya Review: Star Performance,

Jaya ashan holds every nerve of her character to deliver an astounding performance. Her prettiness is ten folded with her honest performance.

Abir Chaterjee does an excellent job.

Yes! I was saving best for the last,Kausik Ganguly delivers yet another powerful performance. He’s splendid, the real scene stealer, the soul of the enterprise.
Dulal Lahiri is very natural and believable as Dr. Sen.Lama Halder is decent.

The rest of the team plays a very important part and each character does their part well.

Bijoya Review: Script Direction ,Music

Kausik Ganguly is the Hero of the film! Acting,Script, screenplay & director – he has mastered each and every department. Yes, he faces some misses in the midway but by the end everything falls right into its place.

Kausik Ganguly,We love you. No matter what is the result of this film, please don’t stop attempting such subjects in infuses goosebumps and it’s there throughout the film.

The Last Word

On the whole, Bijoya is a very good entertainer which will pick up by word of mouth publicity.

Three and a half stars!

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