“Sriyaa” Launched Winter Festive Wear for Women in the Presence of Richa Sharma

Women’s ethnic wear brand “Sriyaa…The Goddess Of” launched its winter festive wear
collection in the presence of actress and model Richa Sharma on Wednesday November 28 at its store.
Located at Trimurti Apartment, Fourth Floor, 97 Park Street, Kolkata 700016, Sriyaa is the one stop shop
for elegant women’s wear ready to make a name in the world of fashion. The launch was attended by
the glitterati of the city including renowned fashion designer Sharbari Datta, West Bengal Youth
President Sayandeb Chatterjee, councilor Jui Biswas stylist, model and grooming expert Nicola Gomes,
actress and producer Suchandra Vaniya, jewellery designer Nilaanjana Chakraborty, makeup artist
Kaushik Rajat, entrepreneur Priti Agarwal, fashion designer Indroneel Mukherjee, social personality
Imran Zaki and Shreya Pandey and entrepreneur Bhavna Himani among others.

With a description that says “The Goddess Of…” Sriyaa aims to celebrate the inherent power of a
woman through her various moods, aspects and emotions. According to Sriyaa, a woman is made up of
many parts – she can manifest any of her myriad selves and that should be adequately manifested by
her choice of beautiful garments that she adorns herself with. Talking about Sriyaa’s winter festive wear,
Mr Manish Sultania, brand owners says, “Sriyaa was conceived with the idea of making every woman
feel gorgeous and beautiful in her attire. To us, all women are equal and every one of them should feel
happy celebrating themselves. What a woman wears reflects her choices, her state of mind and her
sartorial sense. Therefore, our brand Sriyaa aims to capture that essence of a woman’s being – a woman
who is empowered to shine in her full glory.”

Right at the beginning of winter, Sriyaa launched garments in tune with the season of merry making.
Whatever the occasion may be – birthday, anniversary, Sunday brunch, baby shower, sangeet, mehendi,
girls get together and more and whatever the time of day, there is something for everything. The most
significant feature of Sriyaa’s winter festive collection is the wide range of sizes and silhouettes it offers.
From featuring gowns, dresses, kurtis, maxi dresses, skirts, dhoti pants and tops, the sheer elegance of
the clothes will make any woman look stylish and trendy. With meticulous detailing, embroidery, frills
and flares, the range of clothes will make a woman stand out in the crowd.
Richa Sharma, who looked resplendent in a sheer grey gown with sparkling motif said, “Sriyaa resonates
with me and I love their new collection. It’s easy to wear and carry and fits every season. There are
many bridal wear fashion brands but Sriyaa is the perfect answer to festive wear beyond wedding finery.
I will highly recommend Sriyaa to everyone.”

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