Cast And Crew Grace The Music and Poster Launch Of Upcoming Bengali Film The Hacker

The music launch and poster of the upcoming Bengali film The Hacker was released recently.  in the presence of Aryaan Bhowmik ,Ena Saha,Aryan Roy,bidya and others.

The story of the film is about Kabir Ali, who seeks solace in his sarcastic remarks to escape the daily banters of his wife, a middle-class man to the outside world is actually an undercover agent of RAW, disguised as a medical representative.

He is assigned to solve the murder of seven people around India in mysterious circumstances.. He starts looking out for some hackers and comes across Remo from Kalimpong,

Ali sends Koushik to bring Remo but Remo rejects the offer. Koushik digs deep into Remo’s life and finds out about his love interest Ritagni. Ritagni narrates the incidents which led to Remo’s arrest which eventually broke Remo’s elder sister Sagorika’s marriage.

Sagorika motivates Remo to help the police and use this opportunity to regain the lost pride and honour of their father. Remo agrees to help and prepares for a visit to Kolkata.


Remo gets entagled in a maze of crime thatthreatens to ruin his life further.Will he be able to overcome his personalghosts and help the police!Will the lovebirds unite!Will Ali and his team catch the main villain? Will Remo be able to counter hack a genius hacker?

The film is directed by Siddharth Sen & Subrato Mondal. The film is presented by Vandana Agarwal and produed by Lace Styles Films.

The film is eyeing for release soon

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