Villain Review : Villain is an enjoyable thriller film

Reviewed By : Souvik Saha


Star Cast: Ankush Hazra, Mimi Chakraborty, Rittika Sen, Mousumi Saha, Subhadra Zayed, Raja Dutta, Zoyed Ahmed, Arrayan & others

Director: Baba Yadav

Story :On a flight back from Singapore, Riya (Mimi) meets Sneha (Rittika) , and the two soon hit it off. On reaching Kolkata, Riya meets Sneha’s fiance Joy, and is stunned by the uncanny resemblance between him and her own boyfriend Raja. Intrigued, she sets out to find the truth about Raja and Joy.

Are Raja and Joy one person? The drama unravels.

What’s Good: Background music; performances of the actors.

Loo break: Very Few.

What’s Bad: Slow narration in some parts


Movie Review: Star Performance :Ankush is making a comeback after a year-long hiatus and he must be appreciated for accepting different scripts. His acting in the two different roles was really good.The heroines are a good choice.Mimi Chakraborty is nice. She did a good job with her role.
Rittika Sen looked cute and she justified her role well.

Movie Review: Direction, Music :Director Baba Yadav did a good job infusing adequate romance and entertainment elements in both the love stories.. All the songs are very well received by audience.


Movie Review: The Last Word : The story of the film is very unique, which is a cool romantic thriller. The twists and turns in the story, with lot of suspense till the end is very interesting. Even though the first half is slow with few boring aspects, the second half keeps the audience engaging. Overall, Villian is an enjoyable thriller film and offers something different for regular movie goers

3 Stars!


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