Press Meet of Maatri Shamman 2018

The press conference of Maatri Shamman 2018 was held in the presence of Tollywood Director Raj Chakraborty.

Maatri Shamman is an excellence award given to the best decorated Durga Puja Pandal in Kolkata during the festival. Its inception in 2017, would be heralded as the true achievement for excellence in decorating the abodes for Goddess Durga. ‘Maatri’ means “Maa” (as Goddess Durga) and Shamman means “Award/Respect”, which implies the true meaning of “Maa’er Shamman”

Out of about 200 puja pandals in Kolkata, few would be shortlisted and among them 18 Puja Pandals would be awarded.Maatri Shamman plays a concept very different from the existing awarding concepts.

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