Movie Review : Kintu Galpo Noy

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Reviewed By :Souvik Saha

Direction – Pabitra Goswami

Starcast :Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Debshankar Halder, Paran Bandyopadhyay, Sayantani Guhathakurata and others


What’s Good:Performances of the lead players, songs. 

What’s Bad: A couple of them in the first half.

Loo break : None at all.

Watch or Not? : Watch



What it’s about: :


SikhaByapari, a meritorious college student from a suburb of Kolkata, falls seriously ill. Enticed by a tout, she is admitted to a private hospital where she is fleeced by the hospital authority before being shifted to the Students’ Health Home (SHH). She recovers and goes back to normal life. Later, one night during the final rehearsal of her college annual social, she is again taken seriously ill and admitted to SHH. There she gets acquainted with Deep on the occasion of ‘Bhaifonta’ (Brother’s Day). He is a talented boy of class VII. He was grievously injured by a bomb blast while searching for a lost cricket ball in a bush in the playground adjacent to his school.Sikha is drawn towards and feels deep affection for him when she learns that his drunkard father, who does no longer live with his wife and son and has remarried, stole the money Deep’s teachers had raised for his treatment on the pretext of paying his son a visit after the accident. Sikha takes it upon herself the responsibility of teaching Deepand seeks support in this from her boyfriend, Neel, a college classmate. Sikha, with much dedication, helps Deep come out of his depression. He is now curious to know about SHH, which did so much good for him. Sikha recounts its great nationalist tradition, an off-shoot of freedom struggle, especially underscoring the contribution of some philanthropists.She also tells about a surgeon who carried surgical instruments on his back to perform a surgery at SHH. Neel, meanwhile, is eager to marry Sikha who agrees on the condition that he must divulge the true nature of her ailment to his parents. One night Deep suffers serious damages in his eyes, and is rushed to an Eye Hospital, where the doctor says that the treatment will cost not less than four lakh rupees. Neel and Sikha hasten to SHH, only to be told about the unprecedented financial crisis the Home is facing, hence its helplessness. Contemporary politics of greed held responsible for such a precarious pecuniary condition of the Home. And now the existence of the Home, which bears the legacy of great souls, is at stake.


Movie Review: Star Performance, Direction, Music

Sabyasachi Chakraborty does well in the  role , Paran Bandyopadhyay is fairly good, and Debshankar Halder  effective. Priyam is good. Sayantani Guhathakurata  delivers a very good performance.

Pabitra Goswami ‘s direction, like the story and his screenplay,He has extracted wonderful performances out of his actors.
music score is  good.

Review: The Last Word:

On the whole, Film is a well-intentioned and nicely made film that entertains in parts.




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