Arrhythmia -The under recognized but curable evil

Heart rhythm problem could prove to be spoiler to your active life, warn Electrophysiologists at Apollo Gleneagles


Palpitations, skipped beats, racing of the heart, fatigue, extreme lethargy, giddiness these are just few of the symptoms that warrant your immediate attention as it could be a

sign of arrhythmia which can ruin your active life or even can prove to be fatal.

The term “arrhythmia” refers to any change from the normal sequence of electrical impulses. When the heart’s electrical impulses gets disorganized, heartbeats can be too fast, too slow, or in an abnormal pattern. When the heart doesn’t beat properly, it can cause immense discomfort and even can cause

diuiness due to decreased blood supply to the brain. Treating cardiac arrhythmia is important to restore the quality of your life and prevent stroke or sudden death.

We at Apollo Gleneagles recognize that Arrhythmia has a significant prevalence in this part of our country but if often unrecognized and not treated due to lack of public awareness and absence of a dedicated heart rhythm management center. Recognizing the need, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals decided to introduce a comprehensive Heart Rhythm Management service.

Under the inspiration of Dr P.C Mondal, HOD & Senior Consultant. Cardiology, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, the arrhythmia clinic is being headed by Dr Aftab Khan, Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist & Head Electrophysiologist Services, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata and Dr Suchit Majumder, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, KoLKATA.

Dr. Aftab Khan said, “About a quarter of heart rhythm problems can be classified as ‘complex arrhythmias’ which largely occur in patients who have an abnormal heart, an enlarged heart (cardiomyopathy) or in those who have had a heart attack previously or are suffering from Atrial Fibrillation. Here the conventional method of RFA has a low success rate but thanks to advancements in science, we have access to the latest 3D RFA machine. This machine creates a three dimensional geometry of the heart and identifies the short circuit with high precision, making it easier for us to target and destroy the abnormal tissue.”

Dr P.C Mondal while speaking on this said, “We have launched Heart Rhythm Management services at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital with the sole objective of improving the quality of life of patients of all age group suffering from arrhythmia. ICD‘s have a role in preventing cardiac arrest in high-risk patients who haven’t had, but are at risk for, life-threatening ventricular arrhythmia. In cases of too slow heart rhythm, permanent pacing relieves symptoms and improves quality of life and therefore a pacemaker is the appropriate device.

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