Kabir Review

Reviewed By: Souvik Saha;

Director: Aniket Chattopadhyay.

Star cast : Dev, Rukmini Maitra, Priyanka Sarkar, Shataf Figar.

What’s Good : Acting, Background score, Editing, Direction.

What’s Bad : Some scenes might make some people a bit uncomfortable

Loo Break: You’ll miss a lot if you piss!

Watch or Not?: Just go and catch the nearest cinema hall!!

Stories based on real incidents and events have always grabbed attention. This is the first time any Bengali film will deal with the incident of Mumbai blast and explore the severe issue of terrorism. The raw and ruthless presentation can be a game changer.

What it’s about:

Kabir follows a train journey from Mumbai to Kolkata, where Yasmeen, a Muslim lady meets Abir, an aspiring photographer as both are travelling together. They both start chatting and find out about each other, until Abir slowly begins to show his dark personality. He reveals that he is a part of the Indian Mujahedeen, and is on the lookout of Imtiaz, a former IM terrorist, who later turned into a police informer and betrayed their cause. Abir is on the hunt of Imtiaz and holds Yasmeen hostage, as he belives Yasmeen knows his hideout. Both their background stories are revealed and are filled with suspense with the ultimate goal of serial blasts in Kolkata & Mumbai.. To know what happens next must see the movie.

Script Analysis:

The story is penned by Aniket Chattopadhyay and this man had the toughest job to do. To write a story based on real events is not always easy because of the amount of research work goes behind it.Aniket Chattopadhyay has done a mind blowing job in knowing what happened and filtering what he wanted to show to keep the entertaining factor alive.

Star Performance:

Dev hits it straight out of the park . His stellar performance is one of the highlights of the film. ,

Rukmini Maitra does a much better job than what I expected her to do.

Shataf Figar lights up the screen with his charismatic presence.

Priyanka Sarkar comparatively has smaller screen time but he leaves the maximum impact.

Direction, Music:

Intense is the word I would use to describe this movie. Those who love true incidents films, this one is a must watch for them. That’s the magic touch of an director. Aniket Chaterjee, ! Music director Indraadip Dasgupta delivers very good songs.background score is appropriate..Editing, by Rabiranjan Maitra., is sharp.

Last Word:

Don’t think, go watch!

3.5 Stars!

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