Chetan Bhagat Launches Online JEE Training Program In Eastern India

On 28th April 2018, Chetan Bhagat, one of the best-selling authors and a great motivational speaker batted for i30.This is an online JEE coaching


a system where students get the best possible online tuition from eminent teachers. Overall, it has a huge social impact especially on the rural students who fail to afford quality tutoring.
chaten-bhagat-2The company is presently focusing on the Eastern zone of India and believes that students have a lot of talent. All they need is proper motivation. Sri Rajendra Prasad Nadella, Founder, and MD of the company stated that ‘West Bengal and North East have millions of students who do not have access to high-quality IIT-JEE coaching. I hope our program will democratize the opportunity to enter the premier engineering institutes by empowering the students.’

15 to 25 is the most crucial time of your life. Do not just forget your goals… instead of studying harder, the youth feels CHALO KUCH VIDEO DEKH LETE HAIN. Use technology for something positive. Everybody has a 4g connection, why are you not using it and developing yourself? I am not saying don’t do Facebook or Twitter, do it but in the limit. Don’t forget your roles” says Chetan Bhagat.

P.c : Rajib Mukherjee

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