'Sesh Sangbad' focuses on the challenges TV journalists face

'Sesh Sangbad' is a movie that focuses on the difficulties and challenges a journalist face to unveil the truth in front of the public. Srabanti Chatterjee, who plays a determined and proficient Tv reporter Sharmistha in Pallav Gupta's first movie, says, "A life of a journalist is extremely difficult. For someone, who has never been to this profession won't even imagine the stress and hindrances a journalist has to face." Chatterjee though famous as the beautiful heroin of mainstream cinemas has worked in content-oriented films like 'Goynar Baksho' and 'Bunohandsh'. 'The script revolves around my character and that was the biggest challenge to me," says the beautiful star who recently got married to supermodel Krishnan Vraj.