RANGOTSAV 2016- Buzz Ki Holi Festival” at PC Chandra Gardens, Kolkata

25 March, 2016 : A celebration of the triumph of good over evil, Holi is one of India's most fun-filled festivals celebrating happiness and togetherness. For the third year in a row once again, Buzz 365 Entertainments, Co-ordinated by Media Connect brings to you a celebration of the legendary festival in absolutely new colours. People enjoyed the grand Holi event, "RANGOTSAV'2016" at PC Chandra Gardens, Gold Acre (Gate No.2) featuring the music of DJ Harish. Rain dance, skin-friendly colors, folk performances & Mud zone were the special attractions of this event. And if all this was not enough, the delicious food were ready to blow your mind along with Thandaai to give a true feel of this festival of Colours!

In Vrindavan and Mathura, Holi is celebrated in memory of the divine love of Radha and Krishna. It is believed that Krishna smeared Radha’s face with colors and thus, introduced the colourful festival of Holi. Owing to this history, the festival of Holi, even today retains its flavour of naughtiness: smearing your loved one with bright colours and playing pranks on each other. Youngsters also engage in singing and dancing which is reminiscent of Shri Krishna’s Raas-leela with Radha and the Gopis. Holi reminds of a pure and positive festival. It is a festival to sort differences and celebrate friendship as well. Holi means celebration and seeing bright colours getting mixed and becoming one. It’s a celebration of oneness.

Gitesh Sharma & Gaurav Sharma, from the organising team of Buzz365 Entertainments said, “From sophisticated HOLI to the Desi HOLI, we had everything in store for the crowd. People dropped in and played holi in typical Vrindavan style with Foolon ki Holi (Flower Holi) on one hand and on the other hand, people enjoyed a lot and were seen having great fun in our special attraction and highlight this year which was the Mud Zone. They were coloured in ‘gerua’ mud and just loved this new concept of mud area for Holi. This mini Holi mud bath turned out to be a joyful moment for everyone! Great eco-sensitive celebration too, we might add! Don’t waste precious water. Avoid harmful chemical colours. Just let the mud roll!”