Sea Food Festival at Chowman

Sea-food is very much an acquired taste and Bengalis who swear by their fish can very well take to it by extending their repertoire. Going by what transpired at the recent Oriental Sea Food Festival, there seems to be no better place than Chowman to cut one’s teeth.

An annual affair, this edition of the menu comprises 7 starters and 7 sides to complement the flavorful rice, noodles and meifoon dishes. Prawn paste chicken, steamed pomfret in ginger wine sauce are sure to make their mark as will Deep fried prawn spring rolls, Chinese style octopus with dried chilis and cashew nuts, Mountain Chili Octopus, Five spiced honey squid, Sautéed jumbo prawn in black pepper sauce.

And that’s just the entre. Main course holds Butter garlic jumbo prawn, Kung Pao jumbo prawn Lobster in Toban Djan sauce, Crab meat in Chili Basil Sauce, Stir Fried Brocolli with crab meat, Chilli Garlic Octopus and Fried Squid in CHili Mustard Sauce in the menu.

Debaditya Chaudhury, Managing Director of Chowman Hospitality said, “We are only hapy to host yet another sea-food festival nad this time round we have added pomfret along with the usual assortment of exotic sea food including lobster, octopus, squid and such, further adding that “I am so glad that apart from the festival Chowman in general has been so well received by the people.”.

Begun this July 8, the fare will be available at all their outlets spread all over the city and will carry on for a while.