Commemorating Kalikaprasad Bhattacharya on the Music Album Launch of BISHORJON

Paying tribute to a beloved musician and a wonderful person, team Bishorjon organized the music launch of the film in memory of Kalikaprasad Bhattacharya at Rabindrasadan. The launch was attended by ace director Kaushik Ganguly, actor Abir and DOHAR. Bishorjon is Kalikaprasad’s first film in Tollywood as a music director.

Remembering Kalikaprasad’s immense contribution in Bishorjon, director Kaushik Ganguly said, “May Kalika’s song live in us forever, may his melodies make him immortal. I dedicate Bishorjon’s every success to him. Kalika had not watched Bishorjon, but his involvement and participation can never be forgotten. His songs in Bishorjon celebrate the roots of Bengal, the music of the soul.”

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Suparnokanti Karati, Owner, Opera Studio, said “Opera’s journey started with the dream and vision to create and produce good films and good music. Bishorjon directed by Kaushik Ganguly is our first production. Bishorjon essentially celebrates the power of love; love that transcends all obstacles, all boundaries. We have tried to bridge the integral character of both Bengals through this tale of love. Bishorjon will bring the songs of the soil in its pure form and flavor.” ‘Bishorjon’ is a love story starring Abir Chatterjee, Joya Ahsan and Kaushik Ganguly in the lead roles. It has been years since the partition of India and Bangladesh. Rivers like Ichhamati flow down the border between the two lands. ‘Bisorjon’ is the story of love between Bangladesh and this side of Bengal, West Bengal. Pawdda (Joya) is a young Hindu widow who lives in a dilapidated house. For family, all she has is her paralyzed father-in-law whom she cannot abandon till death befalls him. Life goes by awaiting it. It would be wrong to assume that her life in this village has been easy or safe, so to say. Greatly admired by Ganesh (Kaushik), a well-established businessman from the same village, Pawdda often finds herself facing unspoken proposals from Ganesh, who calls himself her well wisher. One day she finds an injured man by the riverside, lying unattended. She rescues him and brings him home. Also, opens up her husband’s trunk to find him something to wear. It has been years since her man has passed away. And today, after so long when she opens his trunk full of belongings, it brings in an aroma of memories back into her surroundings. She learns his name is Nasir (Abir) and he is from India. She realizes that if anybody gets to know about his nationality he would be in grave danger. She also knows if anybody gets a whiff that a young Muslim boy is taking shelter in a Hindu widow’s home, she will be in danger. But the arrival of this Muslim boy was like a momentary breath of fresh air into her lonely life. But the man needed to return home. Will Pawdda be able to let go of the memories she so desperately wanted to relive? Will Nasir be able to go back home evading the BGB, escaping the curiosity of the village locals? How, and what were the stakes of this process... the questions are answered in the story’s climax. Bishorjon is releasing on 14th April.