Bollywood actor Zayed Khan was in Kolkata to promote his new dating app ImKnotShy amidst much fanfare at My Nail/ Think Inked Shop, Acropolis Mall. The dating app allows people to connect with each other in near vicinity and hang out if they find one another to be attractive and compatible.

Speaking at the promotional event, the actor said that the app ImKnotShy breaks ice and connect hearts. The actor went on to add, “Ever wondered if someone you saw was thinking of you? Have you ever entered a restaurant, nightclub or coffee shop and wondered who in there would be interested in you or would want to make new friends? ImKnotShy is an app which allows you to connect with people and find users who are not shy and want to engage with new and interesting people.”

The interactive session saw the actor speak about how the entire idea for the app came when one of his friends saw a pretty girl at a Mumbai signal but could not muster up enough courage to talk to her. “The whole idea behind creating an app is to service society. It is something society can use in trying to overcome certain basic flaws it has. The whole thing started when a friend of mine saw this very beautiful girl at a signal, and both of them had this instantaneous connection. But by the time he could muster up enough courage to get out of his car and go talk to her, the signal turned green and they never met again.”

He further added, “Interestingly, 60 % of India fears rejection. We don’t muster up the courage and go up and tell the other person our true feelings. My friend who had already tried finding out about the girl across various apps, but was unsuccessful came back disgruntled and decided to create an app on his own. There are so many times we see someone whom we would like to talk to, at a coffee shop, or maybe a movie, but we think too much, maybe feel a bit shy and lose the moment and before you know it, it is over. So as soon as he decided to make the app, we created ImKnotShy!”

Talking about the benefits of the app, the actor further added, “We encourage you to make connections with people you do not know and connect with them. You post your message on the app platform and if it clicks, it works for you. But if the person is not interested he/she can say no. But what the app does is that it saves you from the embarrassment of going up to the person and being rejected in public.” He further said, “It can be the first step towards a great friendship, if it clicks, or else, you simply walk away. Besides just being an ice breaker, what this app also does is help you give gifts to your beloved as well! Tomorrow the world is going to be about instantaneous gratification. With less time, we need things to be on an instant basis. Like other apps which have made your life easier ImKnotShy helps you by making it easier for you to connect with people you find attractive or interesting.”

The actor also shared testimonials of people who have benefited from the app.