INIFD Lindsay Street Annual Exhibition 2016

Showcasing the best in installations and architecture, INIFD started off with their ANNUAL EXHIBITION 2016 from Thursday, September 8 at their Lindsay Street Campus. The exhibition continued till September 10. The Annual Exhibition was inaugurated by the beautiful and versatile actor Koneenica Banerjee.

Speaking at the event, Koneenica Banerjee said, “It is wonderful to be here with the children of INIFD. They are very talented and that way they have brought forward the fine nuances of architecture and design is noteworthy. It feels like I have travelled the entire length and breadth of India, the way they have brought forward the flavours and colours of each region.”

The actor, Shataf, further added, “Feels amazing, being a part of their endeavours. The enthusiasm is infectious. I always love spending time with the youth and the exhibition gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. They are the pillars of tomorrow and it is good to see how talented they are!.” Displaying installation and architecture from four different zones of India, INIFD showcased balconies and the diversity in architectural forms taking inspiration from all four zones in India. Batali from Kashmir found space in the exhibition while the sloping clay tiled roofs of South Kerala too was represented. From West, the students of INIFD portrayed Rajasthan and its “Jharokas” balconies, which are stone windows projecting from the wall face of a building supported on two or more brackets, while West Bengal showed the East zone where most of representative architecture belonged to the British period with red and green tiles and columns.

In installation art the artistic genre of 3-D works that often are site - specific and designed to transform the perception of a space was shown. Four Bollywood movies Mr. India, P.K., Fashion and 3-Idiots were taken for this endeavour. The bum chair from 3 – Idiots made it into the installation through wool while the body installations were made of scrap material photo reels and geometric tools while in Fashion, the body of Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut were made of pearls which were shown being transferred from Ranaut’s body to show the storyline of the movie among others.

The three day extravaganza also saw the Fashion Designing students create fashion pieces from typical elements of any era and based on that they have decorated their room to give it an essence of that particular era, while Textile designing students has displayed their room with different handmade sarees and home furnishing products.