'Remembering our Heritage with Food' at The Astor Kolkata

Kolkata, July 16 : We all love watching larger-than-life and grand period dramas on television or on the big screen. The Astor Kolkata, now brings the excitement, extravaganza and grandeur of a period drama to their cuisine through ‘Remembering our Heritage with Food’, a festival celebrating dishes from the century old establishment. The festival features three legendary chefs who have been a part of The Astor Kolkata’s repertoire for the last thirty years. Chef Islam, Chef Sirajuddin and Chef Madhu Jana, who apprenticed under the kebab king Chef Avtar Singh are the maestros whipping up the decade old delicacies. Remembering our Heritage of with Food was launched on Saturday, July 16 and will go on between July 22 to August 7, 2016 for lunch and dinner from 12pm to 4pm and 7pm to 11pm.

Speaking about Remembering our Heritage with Food at the launch of the festival, Chef Amlan Bose said, “The Astor Kolkata has always been famed for its mouth-watering kebabs. With this food festival we look back at the glory days of kebabs when Chef Avtar Singh made them so famous in Kolkata. The recipes back then were a bit different and ‘Remembering our Heritage with Food’ recreates those recipes that were made in The Astor Kolkata around 30 years back.”

Playing a perfect foil to the century old facade of The Astor Kolkata and the balmy romantic monsoon weather, the recipes use authentic ingredients. In a world dominated by fast food and fusion cuisine The Astor Kolkata attempts at bringing back wholesome food that is full of flavour and celebrates Indian cuisine in its natural best.

The grand Indian menu comprises Chilman Paneer (Chilman means handkerchief), which is cottage cheese coated with a creamy and aromatic marinate that almost covers it like a handkerchief, the Mushroom Moti Tikki, one of the famed Awadhi kebabs of Chef Avtar, that has stuffed mushrooms cooked in tandoor and looks like a pearl and the Akhbari Murg, which is chicken stuffed with herbs and spices and served to guests whole among others. All the dishes are robust and hearty and sing of flavours from a bygone era.

Chef Amlan Bose added, “’Remembering our Heritage with Food’ at The Astor Kolkata is a tribute to the delicacies created by Chef Avtar Singh as well as the food lovers who throng to Kebab-E-Queue for a taste of our delectable. We want people who had once come to The Astor Kolkata with their parents come back with their children for the same flavours they had tasted back then.”

Speaking about the rare dishes, one of the three maestros Chef Madhu Jana said, “Everyone knows Astor for its kebabs. Chef Avtar Singh had these beautiful recipes that used methods and spices in a manner that are not prevalent today anymore. We have tried to recreate those wonderful recipes that put kebab on the map of Kolkata as a fine-dining cuisine.”

Chef Islam added, "The Astor Kolkata has always been famous for kebabs, but with changing tastes the original recipes somehow got lost 30 years ago. The main purpose of this festival is to revive the flavours for which the hotel is famous. We are trying to bring back the same taste and flavour profiles of the kebabs and biriyanis which were found back then. Guests who visit our hotel can enjoy and relish our heritage food."

An extravagant affair in edibles, Remembering our Heritage with Food also features dishes such as Dum Sufiyana Paneer Tikka , which is an aromatic spice marinated paneer cooked in an oven, Jaffrani Kalmi Tikka, a saffron based chicken drumstick which is cooked with strands of saffron and ghee and the Gosht Adna Kebab, a colourful sheek kebab dished cooked with bell peppers among others.

Pocket pinch for two at Remembering our Heritage with Food at The Astor Kolkata will be Rs 1800 plus taxes.