Chol Kuntal Movie Review

Reviewed By :Souvik Saha

Direction - Raaj Mukherjee

Starcast :Soumitra Chatterjee, Manoj Mitra, Dipankar Dey, Samir Biswas, Anuradha Roy, Dolon Roy, Pratik, Devlina, Raja Datta, Dr. Binayak Deb, Sandip Bhattacharjee, Payel Mukherjee & Others.

What’s Good:Performances of the lead players, songs.

What’s Bad: A couple of them in the first half.

Loo break: None at all.

Watch or Not?: Watch

What it's about: :

Raj Mukherjee’s Cholo Kuntal is a take on the social alienation and corruption that is eating into the value system with such regularity that we fail to recognise it as a failure anymore. We have compromised and learnt to live with it. Problem begins when we decide to say no. The movie is a tale of three oldies Kuntal (Soumitra Chatterjee ) and his two friends Manoj Mitra and Samir Biswas. They have done their duty, given their children the right upbringing and all of them are settled in life. Their children don’t look out for them except when it comes to money. Things are made worse by local goons who have their own agenda and are backed by stereotyped politicians who want a share in the properties of the old men. It is at this point of time that Kuntal says ‘enough is enough’. He decides to raise his voice and stand up against these decaying moralities and dying values. They decide that in spirit they are no less though age has eaten into their physical abilities. But things turn ugly at this stage and Kuntal Babu has to fight the battle of his life. Will he win?

Chol Kuntal Movie Review: Star Performance, Direction, Music :

Soumitra Chatterjee does well in the central role ,Manoj Mitra is fairly good, and Samir Biswas effective. Dipankar Dey is good. Anuradha Roy and Dolon Roy splendidly natural. New comers Pratik and Deblina Kumar quite nice in the role.

Raaj Mukherjee's direction, like the story and his screenplay,He has extracted wonderful performances out of his actors.

Anupam Roy s music score is very good.

Review: The Last Word:

On the whole, Film is a well-intentioned and nicely made film that entertains in parts..