Indo Occidental Symbiosis is ready to surprise with “PANCHA PUTRA PANCHA KANYA”

There can be no specific day or special occasion to remember
Rabindranath Tagore but we always pluck up the courage to go beyond our reach to
understand his work in a better and unique fashion. To witness one of those efforts on
Tagore’s Death anniversary BAISHE SRAVAN, Indo Occidental Symbiosis is organizing
PANCHA PUTRA  PANCHA KANYA” in a novel manner.

“As our previous attempt of ‘Pancha Putra Pancha Kanya’ with the participation of Bharat
Ratna Smt. Lata Mangeshkarji was well appreciated by the audience, we decided to go
ahead with the concept of Rabindra O  Yuba Samaj ”, said Shouvik Dasgupta, Founder
Indo Occidental Symbiosis.

The idea is to bring out the thoughts and feelings of the youth towards Tagore and establish
the fact that even on his 77 th Death Anniversary he is still relatable to the millennials. Hence
instead of presenting great doyens, talented artistes of the young generation will be fulfilling
the demand of this concept.

The Panchakanyas, performing on 10 th August, include- Shreya Guhathakurta, Sudeshna
Chatterjee, Iman Chakroborty, Rohini Roy Chowdhury and Madhurima Dutta Chowdhury
while Panchaputras, performing on 11 th August, are- Shaheb Chatterjee, Shovan Ganguly,
Durnibar Saha, Rupankar Bagchi and Subhankar Bhaskar.

The narrators for Panchakanyas are Anindya Chatterjee (Chandrabindu) and Tanmoy Bose
while Bidipta Chakroborty & Rema Bose will do the same for Panchaputras.
The show is being held at Kala Mandir from 6:30 PM onwards.

Panchakanya is a group of five iconic heroines, Ahalya,  Draupadi , Kunti,
Tara and  Mandodari , of Hindu epics, extolled in a hymn, whose names are believed to dispel
sin when recited. The Bengali Nobel Laureate wrote a collection of poems titled ‘Pancha
Kanya’ with themes of episodes from the said mythology.

Indo Occidental Symbiosis has already acquired International fame by preserving and
strengthening the rich cultural heritage of Indian Classical Music and Dance of international

“We are very happy to bring this programme to the young generation. Indo Occidental
Symbiosis is one of the custodians of traditional and classical music and dance forms in
India. It has been our continuous, tireless effort to bring forth the rich culture of the country
and this time we are remembering Biswakabi on his death anniversary,” added Shouvik

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