Palan Movie Review – A Heartfelt Tale of Family, Struggle, and Resilience

Palan Review

Reviewed By : Souvik Saha

Movie Rating

Director : Kaushik Ganguly

Cast : Anjan Dutt, Mamata Shankar, Jisshu Sengupta, Paoli Dam, Srila Majumder, Debapratim Dasgupta, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya & others.


Palan” is a poignant narrative that unfolds against the backdrop of a crumbling old building. Director Kaushik Ganguly beautifully captures the essence of a Bengali middle-class family facing a crisis. The story revolves around Anjan and Mamata Sen, an elderly couple whose lives are disrupted when their home becomes unsafe due to the building’s condition. The film explores themes of pride, sentiment, and the shrinking space in the city, portraying the challenges faced by the family as they grapple with adversity.

Star Performances: The film’s strength lies in its outstanding performances by the cast. Anjan Dutt delivers a stellar performance as Anjan, portraying a character who is irritable yet compassionate, helpless yet proud. Mamata Shankar is exceptional as Mamata, with undeniable chemistry alongside Anjan. Jisshu U Sengupta captures Pupai’s helplessness with finesse, and Paoli Dam‘s performance is attention-grabbing from the beginning. Even the supporting cast, including Debapratim Dasgupta and Sreela Majumder, delivers outstanding performances. Special mention goes to Buddhadev Bhattacharya, whose portrayal of Samir leaves a lasting impact despite limited dialogue.

Direction: Kaushik Ganguly‘s direction is commendable as he skillfully weaves a compelling tale of family, struggle, and resilience. He captures the emotions and dilemmas of the characters with depth and sensitivity. Ganguly’s understanding of the Bengali middle-class milieu is evident in his storytelling, making the audience connect with the characters and their predicaments.

What’s Good:

  • Strong and relatable characters, brought to life by exceptional performances.
  • A well-crafted narrative that delves into the complexities of family dynamics.
  • Kaushik Ganguly’s direction, which successfully conveys the sentiment and crisis faced by the characters.
  • Memorable moments that tug at the heartstrings and leave a lasting impression.

Watch or Not: “Palan” is a must-watch for those who appreciate compelling storytelling and exceptional acting. It offers a heartfelt portrayal of a family’s struggle and resilience in the face of adversity. The film’s relatable themes and memorable performances make it a compelling cinematic experience.

The Last Word: “Palan” is a touching and beautifully crafted film that showcases the strength of family bonds in the midst of crisis. With stellar performances, a compelling narrative, and moments that stay with you, it is a cinematic gem that deserves your attention. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this heartfelt tale of love, pride, and determination.


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Written by Souvik Saha

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