OMORSHONGI : Vikram Chatterjee and Sohini Sarkar Pair Up for Debutant Director’s ‘Omorshongi’

“Vikram Chatterjee and Sohini Sarkar To Illuminate the Silver Screen in Heartfelt Romance ‘Omorshongi”


Vikram Chatterjee, a rising star in the Bengali film industry, is riding high with a slew of exciting projects in his pipeline. Among them are ‘Pariah,’ ‘Durgapur Junction,’ and ‘Ke Prothom Kachhe Eshechi.’ Now, breaking news has revealed that Vikram Chatterjee and the immensely talented Sohini Sarkar have been cast in the romantic movie ‘Omorshongi,’ directed by debutant filmmaker Dibya Chatterjee.

Omorshongi‘ marks an exciting first for both Vikram Chatterjee and Sohini Sarkar as they step into each other’s embrace as on-screen lovers. In this heartwarming tale directed by Dibya Chatterjee, Vikram Chatterjee will essay the role of Anurag, a gifted writer and lifelong friend of Joyee (Sohini Sarkar).

The narrative of the film beautifully weaves a story of two childhood best friends, Anurag and Joyee, whose connection evolves into a deep love. Their parents also endorse their relationship, but a twist of fate unfolds just before their impending nuptials, leading them down separate paths. The essence of ‘Amar Sangi’ centers around their journey to rekindle their bond and rediscover their profound connection, ultimately embracing the title of each other’s ‘Omorshongi.’

Director Dibya Chatterjee, known for his contributions to the Hindi entertainment industry, ventures into the Bengali cinematic landscape with ‘Amar Sangi.’ While ‘Omorshongi currently serves as a working title for the project, it reflects the essence of a love story that is bound to touch hearts.

Vikram Chatterjee’s current commitments include the shooting of ‘Ke Prothom Kachhe Eshechi,’ where he shares the screen with Madhumita Sarcar and Darshana Banik. Meanwhile, Sohini Sarkar is making her presence felt with an upcoming web series titled ‘Matangi,‘ produced by Camellia Productions Pvt. Ltd.

The anticipation for ‘Amar Sangi’ is palpable as audiences eagerly await this enchanting love story brought to life by Vikram Chatterjee, Sohini Sarkar, and the directorial finesse of Dibya Chatterjee.

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“Amar Sangi” Movie FAQ

Who are the lead actors in the film “Omorshongi”?

Vikram Chatterjee and Sohini Sarkar are the lead actors in “Amar Sangi.” This film marks their first collaboration as on-screen lovers

Who is the director of the film?

Dibya Chatterjee, a debutant director, helms the project “Omorshongi.” Known for his contributions to the Hindi entertainment industry, he brings a fresh perspective to this Bengali romantic tale.

How can I stay updated about the film’s progress?

To stay informed about the latest developments, behind-the-scenes insights, and official announcements related to “Omorshongi,” follow the film’s official social media accounts and visit the website regularly.

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