Spectacular Fusion of Fashion and Sustainability Shines at The Style Grove Trunk Show in Kolkata

The Fashion and Lifestyle Trunk Show – The Style Grove, held at the prestigious ITC Royal Bengal in Kolkata, created a remarkable fusion of fashion, luxury, and sustainability. The event, a collaborative effort between renowned designers, artists, and eco-conscious enthusiasts, not only celebrated style but also underscored the significance of recycling and sustainability in the fashion industry.

Against the dazzling backdrop of chandeliers at the ITC Royal Bengal, attendees were treated to a captivating presentation of meticulously curated fashion collections. The Style Grove advocated for recycling and sustainability by encouraging attendees to donate old clothes and electronics to an NGO, receiving discount vouchers for participating designers in return – a gratifying incentive for conscientious consumer behavior.

Distinguished personalities graced the event, including Richa Sharma, Imran Zaki, Sanaya Mehta Vyas, and many more. Anisha Juneja, Curator of The Style Grove, expressed excitement about the exceptional show that not only showcased design brilliance but also championed sustainability. The Style Grove’s collaboration with The Earth Day Network further demonstrated their commitment to the cause.

Varsha Wadhwa Chirimar, Co-Curator of The Style Grove, highlighted the event’s success through the enthusiastic engagement of attendees and the positive feedback from industry insiders. The opulent setting of the ITC Royal Bengal perfectly complemented the event’s elegance and purpose.

The event, held on August 23, 2023, marked a significant stride in reshaping the fashion landscape to prioritize sustainability. By seamlessly blending style with eco-consciousness, The Style Grove ignited fresh dialogues and actions within the fashion community. With a focus on responsible consumerism, the event aimed to inspire attendees to make mindful fashion choices while raising awareness about recycling and sustainability.

Noteworthy brands such as Zimmerman, Self-Portrait, Farm Rio, and others participated, contributing to the event’s diverse and impactful offerings. Anisha Juneja and Varsha Wadhwa Chirimar, the organizers, emerged as visionary figures in the fashion and lifestyle domain, dedicated to driving positive change. Their adept curation of the event signaled their intent to reshape the industry’s narrative and inspire others to embrace recycling and sustainability.

The Fashion and Lifestyle Trunk Show – The Style Grove proved that fashion can be a catalyst for positive transformation. Through this harmonious blend of fashion and sustainability, attendees were encouraged to make conscious choices and foster a greater awareness of recycling and sustainability, setting the stage for a more responsible fashion industry


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Written by Souvik Saha

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