Exciting Reunion: Rukmini Maitra and Director Ram Kamal Mukherjee Team Up for ‘Draupadi Movie”


In a much-anticipated collaboration, director Ram Kamal Mukherjee and talented actor Rukmini Maitra are joining forces once again, this time to bring to life the compelling tale of Draupadi in the upcoming Bengali-language film “Draupadi.” The film is set to offer a fresh perspective on the ancient Indian epic “Mahabharata,” focusing on the formidable character of Draupadi and her remarkable journey.

“Draupadi” draws inspiration from the 1984 Odiya-language novel “Yajnaseni: The Story of Draupadi” by renowned author Pratibha Ray. Through this adaptation, the audience will witness the epic saga from Draupadi’s point of view, gaining insights into her strength, resilience, and unwavering determination.

The role of Draupadi, the central and powerful character in the film, has been entrusted to the exceptionally gifted Rukmini Maitra. Her previous acting brilliance has earned her a well-deserved reputation in the industry, and her portrayal of Draupadi is expected to be nothing short of mesmerizing.

The collaboration is backed by two major production houses, DEV Entertainment Ventures and Pramod Films, ensuring that “Draupadi” receives the utmost attention to detail and resources required to bring this epic tale to life on the silver screen.


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Written by Souvik Saha

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