Dabaru Movie Review: A Missed Opportunity in Bengali Sports Biopic


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Story: Dabaru had the potential to pioneer the sports biopic genre in Bengali cinema but fell short due to its crass sentimentality and skewed storyline. While the core idea of a young chess prodigy’s journey to becoming a grandmaster is intriguing, the film gets lost in unnecessary subplots and melodrama, failing to explore the unique chemistry between the sport of chess and its protagonist.

Star Performances: Rituparna, Shankar Chakraborty, and Kaushik Sen deliver strong performances, with Samadarshi Sarkar stealing hearts as the young prodigy Souro. Argha Basu Roy shows promise but falters occasionally, while Dipankar De’s portrayal of Nabin is satisfactory. Chiranjit Chakraborty’s character suffers from weak dialogues and poor delivery.

Direction: The film’s direction fails to capitalize on the potential of its subject matter, opting for melodrama over depth. The pacing feels uneven, and strategic tearjerker scenes detract from the film’s spontaneity.

Other Aspects: The excessive use of bombastic music overshadows the film’s essence, with some songs being drowned out by the loud score. The film’s writing lacks subtlety, with unnecessary subplots adding little to the overall narrative.

Loo Break: The film’s pacing and melodrama may prompt viewers to take a break midway.

Good: Strong performances from key actors, occasional moments of emotional resonance.

Bad: Excessive melodrama, uneven pacing, lack of depth in storytelling.

Watch or No: While Dabaru has its moments, it ultimately fails to live up to its potential as a pioneering sports biopic. Viewers looking for a more nuanced portrayal of a young chess prodigy’s journey may find the film lacking.


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Written by Cine Kolkata Desk


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