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Noshtoneer Review : A Missed Opportunity to Explore the #MeToo Narrative

Noshtoneer Review
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In “Noshtoneer,” Aparna (played by Sandipta Sen) and her husband Rishav (Shoumo Banerjee) lead a peaceful life with their daughter in a beautiful home. However, their tranquility is shattered when Rishav’s former student, Godhuli Basak (Angana Roy), accuses him of sexual misconduct and attempts suicide while pregnant. Aparna finds herself torn between seeking justice and standing by her husband. As she navigates the turmoil within her family, Aparna embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind the allegations. The series delves into the impact of the #MeToo movement on individuals and their families, exploring themes of trust, justice, and the complexities of relationships. Throughout the story, Aparna’s strength and determination shine as she faces the challenges and seeks to unravel the truth.

  • Star Performances: Sandipta Sen shines in her role as Aparna, displaying her experience and caliber in acting. She brings depth and conviction to her character, making it captivating and believable. Lokenath Dey impresses with his performance, despite limited screen time. However, Shoumo Banerjee’s portrayal may be less convincing, and Angana Roy delivers a decent performance as Godhuli Basak.
  • Direction: The direction of “Noshtoneer” is commendable in certain aspects. It effectively addresses the #MeToo theme and portrays the struggles faced by individuals and families. The use of Rabindrasangeet to convey emotions adds depth to the storytelling. However, the series lacks subtlety and finesse in certain scenes, and some aspects, like slo-mo shots and exaggerated household chores, feel forced and unrealistic.
  • Other Parts: The series features well-crafted characters like Aparna’s best friend Namrata and Rishav’s brother Ritam, portrayed convincingly by the actors. The inclusion of strong and brave women in the narrative adds depth to the story. The back story of Godhuli Basak is developed convincingly. The strains of Tagore’s tunes effectively accentuate the somber atmosphere on-screen.

Positive Points:

  • Sandipta Sen delivers a standout performance, showcasing her experience and talent.
  • Well-crafted characters, such as Namrata and Ritam, add depth and relatability to the story.
  • The series effectively addresses the #MeToo theme and raises important questions about justice and trust.
  • The use of Rabindrasangeet enhances the emotional impact of the narrative.

Negative Points:

  • The series lacks subtlety and finesse in certain aspects, appearing loud and glorified at times.
  • Some scenes, including slo-mo shots and exaggerated household chores, feel forced and unrealistic.
  • Shoumo Banerjee’s performance may be less convincing compared to other actors.

Overall, “Noshtoneer” benefits from Sandipta Sen’s star performance and effectively addresses the #MeToo theme. The direction captures the struggles faced by individuals and families, although some scenes lack subtlety and realism.  However, there are certain flaws, such as forced scenes and a less convincing performance by one of the actors.



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