Abar Bibaho Obhijan Movie Review : “Confusing Dialogue and Incoherent Plot Make ‘Abar Bibaho Obhijan’ Hard to Follow

Abar Bibaho Obhijan Movie Review

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Abar Bibaho Obhijan” is a sequel to “Bibaho Obhijan” and follows Bullet Singh’s release from prison. He tells his friends Anupam and Rajat about inheriting a hotel worth 100 crores in Bangkok and offers to share it with them. They embark on a journey to claim the property, facing strange and funny incidents along the way.


Anirban Bhattacharya shines as Bullet Singh, delivering a commendable performance with his comedic wordplay and unique accent. Ankush Hazra provides solid support as Anupam, while Rudranil Ghosh excels in his role as Rajat, bringing humor and impeccable timing. Sourav Das leaves a lasting impression as Michael, infusing the film with energy and memorable moments.

Other Aspects:

The direction creates a light-hearted and comedic tone, although pacing issues in the first half could have been addressed. The cinematography captures vibrant locations effectively. The music by Jeet Gannguli, especially “Mon Bajare,” is catchy and adds liveliness. The screenplay and dialogues offer ample comedic opportunities, but at times, the accents and word distortions may confuse. The production design enhances the visual appeal.




Positive aspects of “Abar Bibaho Obhijan”:

  • Continuation of the story: Fans of the previous film will appreciate the continuation of the story, providing a familiar setting and characters.
  • Unique comedic elements: The film incorporates word distortions and accents, particularly Anirban Bhattacharya’s portrayal of Bullet Singh, which adds a unique and entertaining aspect to the comedy.

Negative aspects of “Abar Bibaho Obhijan”:

  • Slow-paced first half: The film suffers from a sluggish plot in the first half, lacking substantial laughs and failing to engage the audience.
  • Excessive product placements: Blatant advertorial product placements, such as jewelry, condoms, and medicine, disrupt the flow of the plot and can feel forced and distracting.
  • Absurd plot: The overall storyline is characterized by absurdity and lacks logical coherence, which may not appeal to viewers seeking a more grounded narrative.
  • Limited character development: The film falls short in terms of character growth and depth, not fully exploring the potential of the main trio or other supporting characters.
  • Confusing language and dialogue: The use of word distortions and accents may make it challenging for the audience to follow the language and fully understand the dialogue without subtitles.

Overall, while “Abar Bibaho Obhijan” has some positive aspects such as continuity, unique comedic elements, memorable characters, and peppy music, it also suffers from a slow-paced first half, excessive product placements, an absurd plot, limited character development, and occasional language confusion.


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