Dawshom Awbotaar Review : Mythical Murders, Mesmerizing Performances!

Dawshom Awbotaar Review


  • Director: Srijit Mukherji
  • Main Cast: Prosenjit Chatterjee, Anirban Bhattacharya, Jisshu U Sengupta, Jaya Ahsan
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller
  • Runtime: 154 minutes
  • Release Date:  20th October 2023


Movie Rating

Dawshom Awbotaar revolves around Probir Roychowdhury (Prosenjit) and his subordinate Bijoy Podder (Anirban Bhattacharya) investigating a series of serial killings following the pattern of Vishnu’s 10 avatars. The story takes a dark turn when Biswarup Bardhan (Jisshu U Sengupta), an unhinged serial killer, sets his sights on Kolkata for his next target. As the investigation intensifies, the detectives uncover a diabolical plot rooted in mythology, leading to a thrilling and suspenseful chase against time.


Star Performances:

  • Prosenjit Chatterjee (Probir Roychowdhury): Delivers an outstanding performance, capturing the depth of his character’s torment and determination.
  • Anirban Bhattacharya (Bijoy Podder): Provides a nuanced portrayal, infusing the role with authenticity and emotion.
  • Jisshu U Sengupta (Biswarup Bardhan): Steals the show with his chilling depiction of a serial killer, balancing intelligence and madness flawlessly.
  • Jaya Ahsan (Moitreyee Ghatak): Adds an enigmatic aura to her character, keeping the audience intrigued.

Direction and Other Technical Aspects:

  • Direction (Srijit Mukherji): Demonstrates finesse in crafting a dark, suspenseful narrative, skillfully blending mythology with contemporary crime.
  • Music (Anupam Roy and Indraadip Dasgupta): Provides a haunting backdrop, enhancing the film’s tension and ambiance.
  • Cinematography: Captures Kolkata’s essence, adding depth to the storyline and characters.

Positive Aspects:

  • Outstanding Performances: The cast’s stellar acting, especially Prosenjit and Jisshu, elevates the film, making the characters believable and compelling.
  • Innovative Concept: Weaving Vishnu’s avatars into the story adds a unique layer, making the plot intriguing and intellectually stimulating.
  • Atmospheric Elements: The music and cinematography create a captivating atmosphere, immersing the audience into the dark and mysterious world of the film.

Negative Aspects:

  • Predictable Plot: Some elements of the plot are foreseeable, lacking surprising twists.
  • Lack of Depth: Characters’ backgrounds are underexplored, missing opportunities for emotional depth and complexity.
  • Pacing Issues: The film’s runtime feels overstretched, especially in the second half, impacting the climax’s impact.

Should You Watch It? Dawshom Awbotaar is a compelling cinematic experience that combines stellar performances, an innovative concept, and atmospheric storytelling. Despite minor drawbacks, the film offers a gripping narrative that will engage crime thriller enthusiasts and mythology aficionados alike. If you appreciate intense performances, a touch of mythology, and a well-crafted crime drama, this movie is a definite must-watch.


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