Ankush and Kaushik Ganguly Join Forces Again for High-Stakes Gangster Drama, “Mirza”

“Mirza” Team Wraps Up Odisha Shoot

In an exciting collaboration, actor Ankush and renowned director Kaushik Ganguly have reunited for their latest venture, a gripping gangster drama titled “Mirza.” The duo, known for their previous collaboration on a web series, is set to explore new dimensions as Kaushik steps into the shoes of the antagonist for the first time in his career.

Filming for “Mirza” is already underway, with Kaushik Ganguly having wrapped up some intense scenes in the scenic locales of Odisha. The project marks a departure for the director, as he embraces a character distinctly different from any he has portrayed before. Expressing his enthusiasm for the project, Kaushik emphasized that “Mirza” promises a unique and challenging experience, pushing his artistic boundaries.

Ankush, who plays a pivotal role in the movie, is convinced that no one else can bring the same level of authenticity and depth to the character as he can. For Ankush, this venture holds special significance as it is a dream project that has finally come to fruition after overcoming various challenges.

The ensemble cast of “Mirza” adds to the excitement, featuring talented actors such as Oindrila Sen, Rishi Kaushik, and Shoaib Kabeer. The collaboration of these seasoned performers is anticipated to deliver a power-packed narrative that explores the intricate world of gang dynamics and criminal intrigue.

As the shooting progresses, “Mirza” promises to be a cinematic treat for audiences, blending stellar performances, a compelling storyline, and the creative genius of Ankush and Kaushik Ganguly. Stay tuned for more updates as this much-anticipated gangster drama unfolds its tale of power, betrayal, and redemption.


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