Anik Dutta Unveils “Joto Kando Kolkatate” Poster: Abir Chatterjee and Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed to Star

Kolkata: Renowned director Anik Dutta, who previously captivated audiences with his tribute to Satyajit Ray in “Aparajito,” is ready to once again enthrall cinephiles with his upcoming film, “Joto Kando Kolkatate.” After a brief delay due to health concerns, the much-anticipated project is back on track, promising a blend of talent, creativity, and a tribute to the city of Kolkata.

Last year’s success of “Aparajito” showcased Dutta’s prowess as a filmmaker, with his unique interpretation of Ray’s legacy. This time, “Joto Kando Kolkatate” is set to follow suit, with a captivating narrative and a star-studded cast that includes the versatile Abir Chatterjee. The film’s first poster, recently revealed on social media, features Abir Chatterjee alongside Bangladeshi actress Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed, both portraying characters who seem to be gazing at the unexpected with amazement.

Dutta’s intricate storytelling is expected to be complemented by the musical compositions of Debjyoti Mishra, while the film’s visual aesthetics will be curated by Anand Adhya’s art direction and Indranath Marik’s camera work. Arghya Kamal Mitra will oversee the editing process, promising a seamless and engaging cinematic experience.

The film, set against the vibrant backdrop of Kolkata’s bustling streets, offers a glimpse of the city’s cacophony – a blend of trams, cars, taxis, and the essence of urban living. The audience is in for a treat as Anik Dutta once again brings his distinct directorial style to capture the essence of the city he knows so well.

While fans of Dutta’s work might need to exercise patience, the wait will undoubtedly be worth it. “Joto Kando Kolkatate” is scheduled for a Puja release next year, ensuring that the audience will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Dutta’s cinematic vision during the festive season.

The film’s production is a collaborative effort between Friends Communication and Big Screen Productions, underlining the industry’s enthusiasm for this promising venture. As the shooting gears up to commence soon, anticipation is building for another masterpiece that will pay tribute to Kolkata’s unique charm while showcasing the talents of the director and the entire ensemble cast.

Anik Dutta’s resolve to overcome health challenges and bring “Joto Kando Kolkatate” to life reflects his dedication to his craft and his commitment to delivering yet another unforgettable cinematic experience. As the countdown begins to the film’s Puja release next year, cinephiles and enthusiasts alike are advised to mark their calendars and prepare for a journey into the heart of Kolkata’s mesmerizing stories and captivating characters.

“Joto Kando Kolkatate” Film FAQ

What is “Joto Kando Kolkatate”?

“Joto Kando Kolkatate” is an upcoming film directed by the renowned Anik Dutta. Following his success with “Aparajito,” Dutta aims to enthrall audiences once again with his unique storytelling and tribute to the city of Kolkata.

Who is the director of the film?

The film is directed by Anik Dutta

Who are the lead actors in the film?

The film features the versatile Abir Chatterjee in a prominent role, bringing his talent to enhance the cinematic experience. He is joined by the talented Bangladeshi actress Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed.

When will the film be released?

The film is scheduled for a Puja 2024, offering audiences the opportunity to enjoy the cinematic experience during the festive season.

How can fans stay updated about the film’s progress?

For the latest updates and news about “Joto Kando Kolkatate,” fans can visit and follow the film’s official social media channels.


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