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Dream Girl 2 Review – A Hilarious Roller Coaster Ride with a Strong Ayushmann Khurrana Show

Dream Girl 2 Review

Reviewed by: Souvik Saha

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“Dream Girl 2,” the highly anticipated sequel to the 2019 comedy drama, delivers uproarious laughs and heartwarming moments in equal measure. Directed by the adept Raaj Shaandilyaa, the film boasts an ensemble cast of comedic virtuosos including Ayushmann Khurrana, Ananya Panday, and a lineup of seasoned talents.

Plot and Narrative: In “Dream Girl 2,” the plot takes a refreshing turn, maintaining the essence that made the original a crowd favorite. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Mathura, the story revolves around Chiranjeevi Karam (Ayushmann Khurrana), an average middle-class man madly in love with a lawyer’s daughter (Ananya Panday). As Karam embarks on a quest to meet his potential father-in-law’s stringent conditions, prepare for a whirlwind of hilarious misadventures that will keep you in stitches.

Star Performances: The highlight of “Dream Girl 2” is undoubtedly Ayushmann Khurrana‘s exceptional performance. His versatility as an actor is on full display as he effortlessly embodies the character of Karam. Ananya Panday, in a role quite different from her previous ventures, delivers a beautiful portrayal and handles her major scenes well. Paresh Rawal adds to the laughter with his well-timed one-liners, while Annu Kapoor’s comic timing is a reminiscent of his role in “Shaukeens”. Rajpal Yadav‘s witty dialogues continue to grab attention, and supporting actors Vijay Raaz, Asrani, and Abhishek Banerjee leave a lasting mark with their performances. Manjot Singh’s impeccable comic timing adds another layer of hilarity, and Seema Pahwa also contributes to the film’s comic essence with her acting prowess.t.

Direction and Screenplay: The film’s screenplay is fast-paced and robust, driving the narrative with a sense of energy and engagement. Raaj Shaandilyaa‘s direction once again shines, as he successfully delivers a sequel that lives up to the expectations set by its predecessor. The director’s touch is evident in the seamless blend of comedy, confusion, and romance.

Music and Background Score: While the music is average, standout tracks like ‘Dil Ka Telephone 2.0’ manage to leave a mark. ‘Naach’, ‘Jamnapar’, and ‘Main Marjawangi’ lack the desired impact, but Hitesh Sonik’s background score effectively complements the film’s genre. The loud and energetic background score suits the film’s comedic tone.

The Highs and Lows: The film’s humor is its crown jewel, delivering well-timed punchlines and situational hilarity that keeps the audience engaged. While the music maintains an adequate standard, some tracks fail to leave a lasting impression.

To Watch or Not to Watch: “Dream Girl 2” triumphs as a highly entertaining comedy that holds its own. With an engaging plot, exceptional performances, and Raaj Shaandilyaa’s direction, the film promises an abundance of laughter and heartwarming experiences. Ayushmann Khurrana’s portrayal alone is reason enough to embark on this laughter-filled roller-coaster ride. Despite minor musical shortcomings, the film’s robust screenplay and impeccable humor warrant a 3.5/5 rating. In conclusion, “Dream Girl 2” is an unmissable cinematic journey for those seeking laughter and love.




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