Trailer Launch of Web-Series Jighansha

The series will be aired on KLiKK

The trailer launch of the web-series Jighansha took place in the presence of director John Halder, cast members namely Dr. B. D. Mukherjee, Sourav Das, Ishani Das, Moumita Ghosh, and others.

The revenge drama is set in the village of Khirpai. The story starts off with four characters namely Plaban, Benu, Neel, and Gunjan. They are all residents of a mess in Kolkata. They have come to this place after seeing an ad. The person who will marry the visually challenged girl will become the owner of the villa. She is humble, beautiful, and smart. She also plays the violin. However, the plot takes a turn and different mysteries unfold. What happens next?

Sourav Das said ““I began as a child artist in his films and now I have become an adult and working with him. In a way, life has come to a full circle” said the actor.

Ishita Das Said “I did not learn how to play the violin but my seniors and the director helped me a lot to portray the role. We became a big family during the shooting and had a great time”.

The story has been written by John Haldar. The DOP is Gouranga Maity.

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