Ajogyo Review : Kaushik Ganguly’s Weakest Film Despite Stellar Performances

Movie Rating

Director: Kaushik Ganguly
Music: Indraadip Dasgupta, Anupam Roy, Ranajoy Bhattacharjee
Cinematographer: Gopi Bhagat
Cast: Prosenjit Chatterjee (Raktim), Rituparna Sengupta (Parna), Silajit Majumder, Lily Chakraborty, Sudip Mukherjee, Ambarish Bhattacharya

Language: Bengali
Available On: Theatrical release
Runtime: 126 Minutes

What’s Good: Performances, dialogue
What’s Bad: Second half is slow
Loo Break: Possibly during the slow second half
Watch or Not?: Give it a try, but keep your expectations low


Plot Summary

“Ajogyo” is a poignant tale that delves into the lives of Raktim Majumdar, an ex-banker turned stay-at-home dad, and his wife Parna, who steps up to become the breadwinner. The couple’s dynamics take a turn when Raktim’s old friend, Prosen, re-enters their lives, bringing in both tension and a chance for introspection.


Prosenjit Chatterjee shines as Prosen, delivering a powerful performance that captivates the audience. His portrayal of a complex character with layers of charm and vulnerability stands out as one of the film’s highlights.
Rituparna Sengupta, however, is the soul of the film. Her portrayal of Parna is both compelling and deeply relatable, reflecting the struggles and resilience of a woman balancing work and home.
Silajit Majumder plays Raktim with a quiet intensity, effectively portraying a man grappling with his identity and purpose.
Lily Chakraborty, Sudip Mukherjee, and Ambarish Bhattacharya deliver decent performances, with Lily Chakraborty standing out in her limited screen time.


The soundtrack of “Ajogyo” by Indraadip Dasgupta, Anupam Roy, and Ranajoy Bhattacharjee is decent, complementing the film’s narrative.


Gopi Bhagat’s cinematography captures the essence of the story with finesse.

What’s Good

  • Performances: The actors deliver strong performances, particularly Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta.
  • Dialogue: The dialogues are well-crafted, adding depth to the characters and their interactions.

What’s Bad

  • Second Half: The pacing in the second half is notably slow, which detracts from the overall impact of the film.
  • Predictability: The story, while emotionally engaging, becomes quite predictable as it progresses, reducing the potential for dramatic tension.

Watch or Not?

“Ajogyo” is worth watching for its strong performances and poignant moments. However, it’s advisable to keep expectations in check due to its slow pacing and predictable plot. Fans of Kaushik Ganguly might find this film to be his weakest, but it still carries the signature of his storytelling prowess.

Final Verdict

“Ajogyo” is a decent film that offers a mix of strong performances and emotional depth. While it may not be Kaushik Ganguly’s best work, it is still a film that resonates on a human level, making it a worthwhile watch for those interested in character-driven stories.



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