“VFS Capital CEO, Kuldip Maity, Applauds ‘Vikasit Bharat’ Focus in Interim Union Budget 2024”

In response to the recently presented Interim Union Budget 2024, Kuldip Maity, the Managing Director and CEO of VFS Capital, expressed commendation for the government’s dedication to ‘Vikasit Bharat,’ focusing on the welfare of marginalized communities. Mr. Maity particularly praised the emphasis on the empowerment of women, youth, and farmers in the budget.

Highlighting the significant strides in women entrepreneurship over the past decade, Maity praised the allocation of 30 crore MUDRA Yojana loans to empower women entrepreneurs. He noted that this financial support is poised to catalyze further advancements in women’s entrepreneurship, contributing significantly to the overall development of the Indian economy.

The VFS Capital CEO also applauded the government’s decision to raise the target for the ‘Lakhpati Didi’ scheme from 2 crore to 3 crore women. He emphasized that this expansion demonstrates the government’s commitment to broadening financial independence for women, positively impacting their economic autonomy.

Maity further acknowledged the government’s commitment to making the eastern region a potent driver of India’s growth. He welcomed this move, stating that it holds the promise of unlocking new opportunities for growth and development in the Eastern region, ultimately benefiting its residents.

Overall, Kuldip Maity’s positive response to the Interim Union Budget 2024 reflects optimism about the government’s initiatives and their potential to foster inclusive economic development in the country.


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Written by Cine Kolkata Desk


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