Author Sumant Batra Unveils ‘Anarkali’ Amidst High Praise and Intellectual Discourse in Kolkata”

Renowned author Sumant Batra unveiled his latest literary masterpiece, “Anarkali,” amidst a riveting panel discussion held at The Astor Hotel Kolkata on Saturday, March 16. The event, moderated by esteemed writer and social activist Saira Shah Halim, featured insightful discussions led by esteemed panelists including writer and festival director Anjum Katyal, director Ashoke Vishwanathan, and editor-in-chief Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri of Om Books International. Anjum Katyal commended Batra’s meticulous historical research evident in the book’s nitty-gritty details,

while Ashok Vishwanathan praised its provocation to delve into historical narratives. Expressing congratulations to Batra, Vishwanathan lauded the impeccable writing style showcased in “Anarkali.” The event not only celebrated the launch of a best-selling book but also fostered intellectual discourse on literature and historical narratives.


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Written by Cine Kolkata Desk


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