Celebrating Creativity and Tradition: Asian Paints’ Heartwarming Tribute to West Bengal’s Pujo Spirit

In a heartfelt tribute to the vibrant culture and people of West Bengal, Asian Paints continues its legacy as an integral part of Kolkata’s Durga Pujo celebrations. With its cherished initiative, Sharad Shamman, spanning nearly four decades, Asian Paints has seamlessly integrated itself into the rich cultural tapestry of Bengal, embodying the essence of a ‘sholo ana Bangali’ brand. This year, the company unveils two innovative creations that capture the very soul of West Bengal.

Royale Glitz Festive Pack: For the first time ever, Asian Paints launches a special heritage-inspired limited edition festive pack for Royale Glitz, their luxury interior paint. The packaging, adorned with in-mold labeling (IML) and augmented reality (AR) integration, takes consumers on a virtual journey through West Bengal’s heritage. From the Royal Bengal Tiger to the iconic Howrah Bridge, the pack features intricate artwork depicting elements like Ilish fish, Bankura House, Chau Dance, and Alpana Art. This innovative packaging transcends its functional purpose, becoming a gateway to the heart of West Bengal.

Kolkata Tram Festive Makeover: Asian Paints pays homage to Kolkata’s iconic tram, celebrating its 150th year. The tram from Tollygunge to Ballygunge has been transformed into a living canvas, showcasing the city’s history and charm. Two bogies of the tram feature hand-painted artworks honoring Kumartuli, Sindoor khela, and Dhunuchi dance. Inside, Pujo decor, Alpona art, and a museum-style visual narrative of APSS’ transformative journey create an immersive experience. The second bogie mirrors the luxurious appeal of Royale Glitz, with Glitz photo booths and AR elements, offering passengers a glimpse into the heritage of Kolkata.

Asian Paints’ CEO and MD, Mr. Amit Syngle, emphasized their commitment to West Bengal’s culture. The creative transformation of the tram was accomplished in collaboration with XXL Collective, marking a significant milestone in making art more accessible and immersive for the public. Renowned Bengali actors, Abir Chatterjee and Sohini Sarkar, praised Asian Paints for its meaningful tribute, acknowledging the company’s tireless efforts in elevating the celebration of Durga Puja.

Abir Chatterjee and Sohini Sarkar: These esteemed actors, known for their significant contributions to Bengali cinema and culture, lauded Asian Paints for its creative initiatives. Abir Chatterjee expressed his admiration, stating, “I would like to applaud Asian Paints for their meaningful tribute to West Bengal and its vibrant culture. Asian Paints Sharad Shamman, often dubbed the ‘Oscars of Pujo,’ holds a special place in my heart.” Sohini Sarkar added, “I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Asian Paints for its ‘Tribute to Bengal’ initiative. It’s centered around the vibrant culture and people of West Bengal and is a brilliant way to celebrate the essence of this beautiful state.”

In a world where styles and trends constantly evolve, Asian Paints’ enduring dedication to celebrating tradition and creativity stands as a beacon of inspiration. Through these heartfelt initiatives, Asian Paints continues to weave itself into the cultural fabric of West Bengal, ensuring that the spirit of celebration remains vibrant and timeless.


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Written by Souvik Saha

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