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Techno India Group converts its educational campuses to conduct the largest mass vaccination drive for Lakhs of citizens and curb Covid 19 spread

Techno India Group is spearheading one of the biggest
mass vaccination initiatives in West Bengal catering to citizens from
as many communities and workforces as possible in order to free
people from the impact and devastation wrecked by the Covid 19
pandemic. The world has faced an exploding pandemic for over a
year now and until recently there was no end in sight. The beginning
of 2021 saw the light of day when numerous vaccines were being
developed and given emergency approval by the government. The
question was to make it accessible to as many citizens as possible in
the shortest time possible. TIG has been playing an instrumental
role in driving Covid-19 vaccination, helping provide robust access
to vaccines for the citizens.

The virus has impacted every corner of life causing global
economies to stall, changing the way people work and interact with
loved ones and stretching healthcare systems to the limit. The
solution to this unprecedented situation is mass vaccination and
herd immunity.

Prof. Manoshi Roychowdhury, Co Chairman of Techno India Group
says “I believe that a life lived to its fullest extent is when one starts
serving others .I have always felt that we must contribute largely
towards the society and this mass vaccination drive was our step
forward to help the people and environment be safe. Am so thankful
to our TIG family to stand beside us and be a part of the mass
vaccination drive to materialize the Chairman’s dream and also
spread this activity to the district levels..”


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Written by Souvik Saha

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