Aador (2023) Movie

Aador (2023) Movie
  • Movie Name : Aador
  • Directed By : Debdut Ghosh
  • Cast : Rajatava Dutta , Sabyasachi Chakraborty & more
  • Music Director: Tanmoy Bose
  • Released Date:23-06-2023 (India)
  • Running Time:1 hr 40 mins

Who is the director of the film “Aador”?

The film is directed by Debdut Ghosh.

Who are the main actors in “Aador”?

The film stars Rajatava Dutta, Tulika Basu, Pradip Chakraborty, Basabdatta Chattopadhay, Biplab Bandhopadhay, Manashi Sinha, and others in prominent roles

What is the central theme of “Aador”?

The central theme of “Aador” revolves around the bond between Joyram Mukherjee and the baby elephant Aador, exploring love, family, and the strength of human-animal connections.


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