Harappa Education partners with Techno India Group to launch First-of-its-kind Leadership Academy in India

Kolkata: Industry trends indicate that to thrive in the next decade,
organizations will need to instill a set of critical behavioral skills in their people. Though the
software or tools professionals use to perform their jobs will likely change in the next five, ten
or twenty years, the thrive skills (social, behavioral and cognitive skills) you develop will last a
That’s why Harappa Education, India’s leading online learning institution, has introduced a one-
of-its-kind Leadership Academy—to groom a modern cadre of young talent, geared to meet the
demands of modern workplaces—in partnership with Techno India Group. The Leadership
Academy will start by training a cohort of 500 3 rd year students for a year, eventually extending
the program to all students at Techno India Group, across campuses in India. Over the next few
years, Harappa plans to launch more academies across India to help create a job-ready
workforce that understands the importance of leadership skills and can demonstrate them
during job interviews and at the workplace.

As technology evolves at a dizzying speed, so does the world of the work. The need for
transferable skills, new knowledge and competencies has increased exponentially.
Simultaneously, employers struggle to find candidates with the skills the business needs. So, to
support and empower young graduates, the Harappa Leadership Academy will ensure students
gain an understanding of real-world challenges and realities, and are well-equipped to navigate
them. By leveraging online courses, experiential learning projects, workshops and assignments,
Harappa will help students develop a strong bias for action, the confidence to visibly transform
themselves and develop Well-rounded perspective that helps them stand out as creative
problem solvers.
According to research, 80% of engineering graduates and more than 60% of MBA graduates in
India are unemployable due to a gap between the curriculum content they’re taught and
industry requirements. Demanding workplaces today seek candidates with highly sought after
skills like agility, creativity, critical thinking, adaptability and the ability to bring order to chaos.
Organizations value employees with leadership skills—both parties are keen to bring the need
for job-ready and leadership-oriented young professionals into the spotlight.
Shreyasi Singh, Founder & CEO, Harappa Education said, “It’s no secret that the world of work is changing—and has been for some time now. Workplaces are becoming increasingly demanding
and there’s also a huge employability gap. At Harappa, we strongly believe that young students
and professionals need to have a bias for action, be excellent problem solvers and have the
ability to thrive in evolving work environments. We’re thrilled to launch our first Leadership
Academy in partnership with Techno India Group and look forward to helping their students
become workforce ready. I’m also delighted that students will have the added benefit of strong employer networks through our partnership with enterprises and our immersive understanding
of how modern workplaces, companies and jobs are changing.”
Prof. Manoshi Roy Chowdhury, Co-chairman, Techno India Group said, “We are very excited to

work with Harappa Education for setting up the Leadership Academy at our university. This
association will help our students in reaching new milestones. Leadership as we know has the
capacity to converge vision into reality. Leaders help themselves and others to do the right
things. With Harappa Leadership Academy, our students will have the opportunity to learn the
right foundational and leadership skills that they will require to succeed in life.”
Meghdut RoyChowdhury, Director of Global Operations at Techno India Group said, “We will
create a platform for the future generation to come and become good leaders. Through this
pilot project of providing this learning experience to first 500 students, we will begin shaping
the future of our students in West Bengal so that they can excel in all spheres of life.”
The Harappa Leadership Academy will offer online courses to build core foundational skills;
leadership experience projects to ensure everyday practice of leadership concepts, and
workshops that bring leadership skills to life and ensure peer-learning. Additionally, each
student will create a personalized leadership journey and work with a leadership coach
throughout the semester, through monthly 1-on-1 check-ins.


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Written by Souvik Saha

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