Bengal achievers Award 2022

Bengal Achievers Award 2022 was organized by Todays Story News, a digital info entertainment news media. The three key persons behind Todays Story News are Mr. Pritam Sarkar, Nupur Roy, and Mr. Biplab Chakroborty.

This award was organized to encourage and recognize the accomplishments of actors, academicians, researchers, professionals, and organizations around West Bengal.

The recipients of the various awards were:

  1. Paayel Sarkar – Excellence in Outstanding Performance in Bengali Cinema
  2. Sean Banerjee – Excellence in Most Popular Face in Television
  3. Bhaswar Chattopadhyay – Excellence in Social Activity
  4. Ritabhari Chakraborty – Excellence in Women Empowerment
  5. Riddhi Bandopadhyay – Excellence in Solo Artist Female (Panchakabir Gaan)
  6. Dr. Saptarshi Basu – Excellence in Service for Mankind
  7. Ekta Bhattacharjee – Excellence in Publicity Design
  8. Sandipta Sen – Excellence in Most Popular Actress
  9. Neel and Trina – Excellence in Popular Couple
  10. Rudrajit and Pramita – Excellence in Popular Couple


Congratulations to the winners!!



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Written by Souvik Saha

Discover the mind behind Cine Kolkata – Souvik Saha, an innovative entrepreneur and editor. With a passion for authentic news, he's the driving force behind Cine Kolkata's captivating film, atoz entertainment, sports, and lifestyle coverage. Souvik also heads Cine Digital, a digital marketing agency, expanding his impact across the digital realm.


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