*Anupam Roy’s Dreamy Love Ballad – Darun*

Saregama in collaboration with National Award Winning Musician *Anupam Roy* released their second Bengali song- Darun featuring prominent actor *Sauraseni Maitra.*

Anupam Roy who is one of the most acclaimed musicians of the country becomes the first exclusive non-film partner for Saregama. Saregama with Anupam Roy will be releasing 4 songs of different genres throughout the year. The first song, Putul Aami already released this year on Valentine’s Day.

Starring Anupam Roy as the protagonist, Darun is a dreamy love song. Composed, rendered and written by Roy, the song’s concept revolves around unattainable love. Despite the awareness that this love is not real, the video showcases how the seeker satisfies his desire in seeking something that is quintessential to being like a mirage, a dream, and completely not reachable.

The song showcases the protagonist and his team entering an antic house where they come across a photograph of a beautiful woman. As the video proceeds further, Roy goes into a trance-like dreamy mode where he is seen seeking the mysterious, surreal lady from the photograph in a seemingly celebratory occasion. In the end, as Roy continues to seek the lady, he is jolted back to reality from the magical experience with the realization that the lady is just a mirage or an image that is in front of him and not real, alluding towards unattainable love and longing for the same.

*Anupam Roy talks excitedly about this fresh number*, “Darun is a song that talks about the relationship between a poet and his muse. Its mainly the poet’s imagination that makes his muse so special. But, there is a catch. The poet feels that he should not confuse reality with his imagination. “Ja bojha jaay na, Ja pawa jaay na, ja chhowa jaay na” – that is “darun”.

“This is my first collaboration with Anupam Roy and Saregama. I had an amazing experience working with him and the team. Anupam da has always gifted us different kinds of songs, but Darun is a bit different from what he usually does. The concept of the song is very different. I am hoping that the audience will love the song. I am eagerly waiting for the audience’s feedback for both the song and the video. Also, this is the first time Anupam Da will be seen on screen, acting. I can say that he will definitely give the heroes a run for money. So my experience is really, ‘Darun’! ” *said actor Sauraseni Maitra*.

Positive about this association and Saregama’s contribution to Bengali Music Industry *Vikram Mehra, MD, Saregama India Limited* said, “It has been Saregama’s belief that regional music consumption will hold a definitive stronghold over the entire Indian music landscape. We are betting big on regional tunes and stories. Taking a leap in the Bengali music space, we look forward to this long-term association with Anupam Roy, who I believe is one of the greatest present-day Bengali musicians. We hope to create music that passes on for generations to come with Anupam.”

The song launch of the dreamy love song took place at *Mezzuna, Forum Mall* in the presence of artists Anupam Roy and Sauraseni Maitra on the 4th of July, 2022.


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