Salaar Movie Review : A Disappointing Remake Fails to Impress

In comparison to notable films like KGF2 or Baahubali 2, “Salaar” doesn’t hold its ground.

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Reviewed By: Souvik Saha

“Salaar,” directed by Prashant Neel and starring Prabhas, attempts to bring a fresh perspective to the table but falls short of expectations. 

Salaar disappoints with its cringe-worthy attempt at a remake, offering a repetitive storyline that lacks freshness. The film follows the age-old theme of friends turning into enemies, drawing inspiration from the original Ugramm movie but failing to deliver anything innovative. Prabhas struggles to convey genuine emotion, and the film suffers from forced scenes, contributing to an illogical and nonsensical narrative. The overall result is a disappointing remake that falls short in depth and creativity.

Star Performances: Prabhas‘ performance in Salaar is a letdown, with the actor struggling to convey genuine emotion. His slow-motion walks throughout the film add style but lack substance. On the positive side, Prithviraj impresses in his role as Vardharaja Mannar, and Jagapathi Babu shines as his father. 

Character Development: The characters in “Salaar” lack depth, and their motivations remain unclear. While Prithviraj and Jagapathi Babu deliver commendable performances, overall character development is lacking. The film fails to establish an emotional connection with the audience, making it difficult to invest in the characters’ journeys.

Direction: Prashant Neel’s direction heavily relies on forced scenes, contributing to the film’s illogical and nonsensical narrative. The director’s attempt to draw inspiration from the original Ugramm movie results in a recycled and uninspired effort. The lack of creativity in storytelling and execution hampers the overall impact of the film.

Good: The action sequences in Salaar are visually impressive, showcasing good choreography. The interval block and the girl rescue fight receive positive mentions for their execution. Prithviraj’s portrayal of Vardharaja Mannar is praised for its aptness.

 Bad: The film suffers from a lack of depth in characters and an unclear depiction of their motivations. The action sequences, while visually impressive, feel repetitive and fail to contribute significantly to the overall story. The climax twist is labeled as outdated, contributing to the overall disappointment. The film’s reliance on loud BGM is noted as a negative aspect.

Watch or Not: Salaar is deemed a waste of money, with its outdated twists and lack of emotional connect. The movie offers style without substance, making it a typical nonsense action film. Despite some positive aspects, the overall recommendation is not to watch, especially when compared to other popular films like KGF: Chapter 2 or Baahubali 2, which might offer a more satisfying OTT experience.


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Written by Souvik Saha

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