Mayaa Review : A Mixed Adaptation of Macbeth with an Emphasis on Revenge

Mayaa Review

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In the realm of Shakespearean adaptations, Mayaa sets out to offer a distinct take on Macbeth, emphasizing the theme of revenge. Director Anirban Bhattacharya weaves a tale that explores the depths of human desires and the consequences of unchecked ambition. While the film’s ambition is commendable, it falls short of fully capturing the essence of the classic tragedy, resulting in a mixed cinematic experience.

Unconventional Storytelling:

Mayaa introduces us to a world where a young rape victim, Mayaa (Rafiath Rashid Mithila), rises to power as a spiritualist and leader of a minority group. Alongside her, we are introduced to the notorious crime boss Darbar Sharma (Kamaleshwar Mukherjee) and the entangled lives of his associates. The film takes unexpected turns, deviating from the traditional Macbeth narrative and exploring the complexities of revenge in a modern setting.

Character Development and Performances:

While Mayaa aims to offer fresh character dynamics, some portrayals miss the mark. Kamaleshwar Mukherjee delivers a convincing performance as Darbar Sharma, portraying his cunning nature with precision. However, character depth remains a challenge, and certain roles lack the necessary development to establish a strong connection with the audience.

Rafiath Rashid Mithila’s portrayal of Mayaa showcases her physicality, but the character’s emotional depth and dialogue delivery fall short. Sudipta Chakraborty, Koneenica Banerjee, and Rahul Banerjee shine in their respective roles, adding depth to the narrative with their compelling performances.

Striking Visuals and Cinematography:

Mayaa captivates with its visually striking scenes, creating a distinct atmosphere that reflects the darkness and intrigue of the story. The cinematography effectively captures the contrasting worlds inhabited by the characters, adding depth and visual appeal to the overall experience.

Ambitious Narrative and Deviations:

Mayaa takes bold creative liberties, deviating from the traditional Macbeth storyline to explore revenge as a central theme. While this approach adds intrigue and a fresh perspective, it also sacrifices the nuanced character development and thematic richness that define Shakespeare’s work. The film attempts to strike a balance between homage and reinvention, but falls short of fully realizing its potential.

Impact and Execution:

Despite its ambition, Mayaa struggles to maintain a consistent tone throughout its runtime. The pacing feels uneven, with a slow first half that gradually builds tension, followed by a rushed second half that fails to deliver a satisfying climax. The film’s editing choices contribute to this inconsistency, creating moments of confusion and hindering the overall impact of the storytelling.


Mayaa presents a bold reimagining of Macbeth, infused with themes of revenge and power. While the film’s ambition is admirable, it falls short of delivering a cohesive and emotionally resonant experience. Notable performances and striking visuals enhance certain aspects of the narrative, but inconsistencies in character development and execution prevent Mayaa from fully realizing its potential.

In its attempt to offer a unique take on Macbeth, Mayaa ventures into uncharted territory but fails to maintain the thematic depth and impact of the original work. While it may appeal to those seeking a different perspective on the timeless tale, it may leave others longing for a more faithful and cohesive adaptation.


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